Why work with me?

I have been working in, or in collaboration with the financial industry in Luxembourg since 1998 where I am well-connected, respected and knowledgeable.


My specialization for private clients:


Cross-border inheritance matters

Personal taxation and gift/inheritance guidance and assessment, especially cross-border (Germany - Luxembourg)

Tax compliance

Assessment of Life Insurance for tax and succession purposes


Legal and fiscal assessment of Corporate and Offshore structures:

SPF, SOPARFI, Fiduciary contracts and other structures 

Trusts, Life Insurance, Foundation, Anstalt, Limited Companies and similar

My offer for Corporate clients:


Outsourced solutions based on the CSSF "Central Administration, Internal Governance and Risk Management” circular letter CSSF 12/552, Section 5.2.4. Internal communication and whistleblower arrangements. 


A person (typically an employee or client of the Company) wishing to come forward with information will address the external expert where an alternative (external to the company) route for flagging problems is needed, or when the person feels more comfortable talking to an external expert. 


I have worked in Funds, Life Insurance and Banks in functions such as Legal, Tax Compliance, Wealth Management as well as Board Secretary and Secretary General.

Given that I speak English, German and French and combine legal, financial and compliance knowledge, I am the perfect choice for small and mid-sized companies requiring solutions for their whistleblowing requirements.